Thursday, September 6, 2007

1079. Tent slip, used for applying tension on the ropes of a tent, an illustration of some of these in use can be seen on the patent page, number 234,896.

1080. Used for a bookmark and for holding a book open with one hand, called a Thumb Thing.

1081. Nailing Machine made by Pearson Manufacturing, Robbinsdale, Minnesota, used for driving small nails such as used in shingling, and will supposedly allow the user to drive 125 nails per minute. This site has a good description of it and an old ad showing a price of $5. Patent number 876,086

Larger image

A view from the top with the lid open:

From Jim Brown's collection

1082. Audio tape splicing block

1083. Clamp for insulated power wires, made for temporary use.

1084. Hand saw screws and medallions

Many old saws had medallions, as seen on the Panther saw below:

Not many of these Panther saws are known to exist, if you happen to have one in your shop it could be worth between $2000 and $5000, more info on them here.

1" long:

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